Task 1 – Becoming familiar and a bit more!

In order to complete these series of mini-tasks you will first need to complete sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Read the following links too:
Quiz games and if statements.

1: Play withing Strings.
– The user of your program should enter their first name, surname and date of birth.
– The program should then display the length of each piece of data and convert it to uppercase and lowercase.

2: You must create a speed, distance and time calculator.

Help on creating a calculator can be found here.

– The user must first choose whether they want to calculate S, D or T.
– The user should then be prompted to enter in the relevant information for the chosen calculation.
– The program should then calculate the answer and display an appropriate message. You must use the technique from ‘Strings and Console Ouput – sub-section 15’.
– Your program should be timestamped (dd/mm/yyyy : hh-mm-ss).

3. Complete the above problem in Scratch!!!

3: A Mathematical Calculator (CHALLENGE)
 – You must create a calculator that can perform the basic operations, powers and roots (square) and percentages.