Task 3 – Text Based Adventure Game

For this task you are required to use all of the skills that you have acquired to construct a text based adventure game. The idea behind a tba game is that the user should be asked  questions and depending on their response, something will happen. You have to let the user know where they are and where they can go. Some of the rooms will contain an item such as a key, treasure or a person.


  • Use a list to create 4 rooms that can be explored.
  • You will have to use a series of if statements to determine where the user can move and if they pick up an item.
  • All items should be stored in a list.
  • There must be a way of completing your game. You can decide how.
  • I have tried to keep this as open as possible so you can design and implement your way.

Good luck and quest well!

Download the starter template.