Codecademy – jquery

We are going to cover the jquery module from codecademy. This will provide you with a basic understanding on how to use jquery and integrate it into your webapp.


Quick guide to terminology

  • An element is HTML tag such as <p>, <h1> or <ul>.
  • Each element can have an id e.g. <p id=”firstParagraph”>. This allows jquery to target a specific element rather that just all <p> elements.
  • When an event is triggered the following jquery code could be executed:

         $(“firstParagraph”).html(“This is Higher ComputingScience”);
         $(“secondParagraph”).append(“This is the new content.”);

Introduction – Javascript

Javascript – jquery

Javascript allows the developer to add interactive and dynamic elements to a website or web app. Javascript is one of the most popular scripting languages used for the web. We are going to use jquery, which provides a simple way to integrate javascript into our web app. Also, jquery provides us with functions that allow us to alter the contents of any HTML code.